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Greg Tarone has been involved in sports law for nearly 30 years, counseling amateurs and professionals, writing about legal issues, networking and supporting athletes' rights in litigation.  He has also been an agent or manager for LPGA, NBA, and Olympic athletes, involved in public relations, endorsements and sponsorships as well as regulatory compliance.

Greg represents Noriana Radwan, a former University of Connecicut soccer player who has sued her alma mater, former Athletic Director Warde Manuel (now at the University of Michigan), women's soccer Head Coach Len Tsantiris, and Director of Student Financial Aid Services Mona Lucas for violation of her rights under Title IX, the Civil Rights Act, and NCAA By-Laws.

Student-Athlete Legal is a referral and cooperative networking service among sports lawyers and others nationwide, to help provide guidance and representation for student-athletes like his client Noriana Radwan, who seek to ascertain their legal rights and how to enforce them. Fill in and send the contract form on this site if you seek help or you are a lawyer who wants to join the network.

Greg was a founding board member of the Florida Bar's Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section, and its Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Sports that organized its first symposia foucsed on the regulatory frameworks of amateur and professional sports. He has publlished several articles about amateurism and preserving elegibility. For a decade he was a manager or agent of a dozen professional women golfers on the LPGA tour. He lectures on sports law and attends annual sports law symposia to stay current on issues.

His sports law articles include "Advising the Amateur Athlete to Preserve Eligibility," published in The Florida Bar Journal, Volume 62, Number 2 at 23 (1988) and reprinted in adapted form as "Amateur Athletes and Eligibility" in Case & Comment, Volume 93, Number 3 at 3 (1988) and in The Sports, Parks & Recreation Law Reporter, Volume 2 Number 4 at 60 (1989); and "Florida Athlete Agent Registration Law" in The Sports, Parks & Recreation Law Reporter, Volume 3, Number 3 at 47 (1989).

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Gregory J. Tarone, Esq. is an experienced lawyer practicing in the fields of real estate, contracts, sports, general and international business transactions, insurance, wills, trusts, and probate.